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Was the process for developing Common Core State Standards different than other standard development processes?

No. Standards have always guided the development of curriculum. Historically, in Missouri, standards have been developed by educators, administrators, teachers, business representatives, and parents, following a study of the most recent and relevant research. The Common Core State Standards were developed following the same process. The primary difference was in the membership of the team. The Common Core Standards team had members from a variety of states.

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Why were the Common Core State Standards developed?

The Common Core State Standards were developed to ensure students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need for success in college, other postsecondary training and careers, regardless of the state, city or district in which they reside. They are benchmarked to top-performing nations around the world, ensuring that students are well-prepared to compete not only with their peers at home, but also around the world.

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