Lee's Summit R-7 School District


The LSR7 School District Citizens’ Advisory Committee, sometimes referred to as the CAC, reorganized in early 1997. It is an advisory council organized to make recommendations to the LSR7 Board of Education. This approximately 60-member broad-based group of volunteers has worked on several in-depth studies of the growth issue.


CAC Mission Statement

The CAC mission is to facilitate communication, advise and partner with the LSR7 Board of Education, Superintendent and community to ensure a successful and innovative school system that maximizes each student’s potential.

CAC Charters


Dr. Bernard Campbell, former LSR7 superintendent, established the CAC in 1952 to help with the passage of a bond issue to build a new school. The organization stayed together and through the succeeding years, the CAC became more structured and broadened its role to research pertinent educational issues.

We welcome involvement and opinions from the community. Our challenge has been to offer recommendations to the LSR7 Board of Education which are fiscally sound and prudent, but also reflect this community’s vision for education. These are exciting and challenging times for education and the CAC! We welcome the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the community. We will continue in our role as communicators and update you on our progress and solicit your assistance as we move forward.

For more information about the CAC, contact the Public Relations department at (816) 986-1014 or communications@lsr7.net.

CAC Membership

Citizens’ Advisory Committee Chairperson is Kent Kirby and Assistant Chairperson is Elaine Bluml. The membership includes citizens representing many walks of life. To name a few, we have included representatives from the LSR7 Board of Education, Economic Development Council, Chamber of Commerce, PTA, Lee’s Summit Ministerial Alliance, LSR7 staff members, the banking industry, higher education, health care, small business, parents and non-parents.

Please click here for CAC membership list, updated for the 2019-2020 school year.

CAC News