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R-7 Destination 2021 - Strategic Plan



Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education Reviews Destination 2021 Strategic Plan

Five-year Comprehensive School Improvement Plan developed by staff and community team
The Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education approved the district’s five-year strategic plan, called Destination 2021, at the Board’s July 20  meeting. This Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, which covers 2016 through 2021, was developed by a team of approximately 55 staff and community members who worked together throughout the 2016 spring semester.

The district also included approximately 70 participants in focus groups that provided input toward the development of the plan. District administration provides an annual update to the Board of Education after review of progress in the defined focus areas. Annually, the Board reviews and approves any recommended amendments to the original plan.  

To ensure accountability, the plan’s components are placed on a timeline and reviewed annually by the community and staff team, the Superintendent’s Leadership Team and the Board of Education. The plan, which is considered a living document, can be updated to reflect changes in areas such as educational technology through the input of these teams.

The plan focuses on five areas – governance; student performance; highly qualified staff; facilities, support and instructional resources; and parent and community involvement. Destination 21’s major emphasis continues to be on instruction, learning and student success. 

“The R-7 strategic plan centers on improving the student experience and overall student achievement.  Each focus area is designed with those goals in mind.  We continue to be grateful to those members of our community who have chosen to participate in the CSIP review process.” said Dr. Katie Collier, associate superintendent of instruction and leadership.

Following approval at the July Board of Education meeting, LSR7 district and school leaders will continue to work towards realization of the goals and action steps articulated in the plan. Information about the plan is being shared with a variety of district stakeholders, including staff, parents, community members and students.

The LSR7 School District has a tradition of long-range, comprehensive planning, and the current LSR7 document is actually the LSR7 School District’s sixth five-year strategic plan. Previous strategic plans were also developed by community and staff members in 1990, 1995, 2001, 2006 and 2011.