Lee's Summit R-7 School District


Guidelines to Student Teach in the LSR7 School District

  1. Security clearance through the State Highway Patrol or FBI

  2. Behavior during the student teaching experience that aligns with staff expectations as outlined in the LSR7 Personnel Policies

  3. The following materials, in conjunction with any forms required by the sponsoring university/college, are required to be submitted to the LSR7 School District:

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Official transcript from sponsoring university/college
  • Personal information sheet indicating contact information if one is not contained in the university/college student teaching materials


Contact Information


For information regarding student teaching in the LSR7 School District contact 816-986-1000.




  1. Requests to student teach in the LSR7 School District are only accepted from a sponsoring university/college.  Student teachers are asked not to contact individual teachers or building administrators to obtain information for a student teaching placement.

  2. If student teachers desire more information about the LSR7 School District and/or student teaching in our district, please contact 816-986-1000.