Lee's Summit R-7 School District


The District’s student management system is a secured web-based application made available to parents of LSR7 students. Grades and attendance may be checked by parents of middle school and high school students 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Note: Grades and Attendance for elementary students is not available at this time. Parents will be notified when it becomes available. Elementary teachers are still using hard copy gradebooks.
Logging on to PowerSchool is web-based; therefore it requires a computer with access to the Internet. Parents can log in from home or use the computers at the Mid-Continent Public Libraries. The browser we recommend using is Internet Explorer. Login information is mailed to parents of new middle school or high school students as they enroll in the district.
Security (Username & Password) PowerSchool requires a username and password to access student information. There will be one username/password assigned for each child in the family.

If the system is not accepting your password, check the Caps Lock indicator on your keyboard. If lit, press the Caps Lock key to turn it off.


How do I Sign-On To PowerSchool?



How Do You Access Your Child’s Grades and Attendance?


For Click Here To See This
(Regular School Year)
LSR7 PowerSchool Middle School and High School student information during the regular school year.
(Summer School Only)
Public PowerSchool Middle School and High School student information during summer school only.



Once logged into the system, students and parents will see a variety of options across the top of the page.
The page that initially appears (as the default) is called the Grades and Attendance Screen.




On the Grades and Attendance page (default screen upon logon), a parent or student can get a real-time view of last week’s and this week’s attendance by period, as well as total absences by period for the current semester. These absent and tardy totals are clickable, and will reveal the dates of each attendance event.

The attendance codes and citizenship codes are referenced in the Legend.



Also on the Grades and Attendance screen, parents can view the cumulative grade for each course in which the student is currently enrolled. This view provides a quick summary (a snapshot, if you will) detailing exactly where a student stands in each course or subject area for the current semester. These are the grades as they exist in the teacher’s grade books….right now.

This real-time information on current grades helps parents and students understand exactly what areas require extra attention. For example, Janie Johnston has always been an “A” student, and her parents notice that as of today, she has a B- in Mrs. Pugliese’s English class. Now, they would like to know why Janie’s grades have slipped….

The grade (in blue) is actually a link to more information about what coursework made up this grade. Clicking on the grade displays a list of assignments, projects, tests and/or quizzes for the class.

To find out the details behind the B- in English, Janie’s parents simply need to click on the B- grade.

They quickly see that Janie received a D- on the Spelling Homework and a B- on the Spelling Test, which certainly impacted her overall grade. Of course, Janie’s parents will certainly want to know more about this assignment or this test and what they can do to help Janie master spelling.

To find out the details of that particular assignment, Janie’s parents simply need to click on the Spelling Homework – Unit 1 link and, if available, details for that particular assignment will display. With this information, Janie’s parents now know how to help Janie. Of course, it’s easy for Janie’s parents to email the teacher for additional suggestions or resources by simply clicking on the teacher’s name. This would be the recommended method for obtaining answers to specific questions.

What continues to make this parent portal the most successful in K-12 education is the fact that a tremendous amount of detailed information is updated on a regular basis. The secret to the dynamic nature of the parent and student web portal is the fact that teachers are only asked to simply use their electronic grade books. As they enter assignments, scores and attendance, PowerSchool will be automatically updated with the latest information. No extra effort is required from teachers.


Grades History


Next, the student’s parents might want a quick view of grades from previous terms. This will enable them to better understand their child’s overall grade-point average and, again, better understand where to apply some time and energy to beef up a child’s weak subject or topic areas.

Attendance History


Next, the student’s parents might want a quick view of attendance history. This will enable them to better understand any attendance patterns that may be impacting performance, such as excessive absences or tardiness in a particular class.

Email Notification


Next, the student’s parents might want to receive email notification of certain situations or events that might require their intervention, such as poor scores on recent assignments, unexcused absences, etc. Click on the Email Notification button.

These emails can be scheduled as frequently as daily and can be sent to multiple email addresses (to include other parents, non-custodial parents, etc.)  Simply check the box(es) for the information you’d like to receive, choose how often you’d like to receive this information and provide your email address(es). If multiple email addresses are entered, separate each with a comma. Click the Submit button to save these settings. To stop receiving these automatic emails, simply return to the Email Notification screen, uncheck the boxes and click the Submit button.

Important Note: When you receive these reports via email, replying back is not a valid option as the email will be sent back to the System Administrator. Instead, return to the Grades & Attendance screen and click on the teacher’s name. This will bring up your email program with the teacher’s name pre-filled.


Teacher Comments


Next, the student’s parents might want to view any teacher comments that have been posted, for example, “makes positive contribution in class”, “needs to improve effort/study habits”, and so on. Click on the Teacher Comments button to view any teacher comments that have been posted. Keep in mind that these teacher comments are posted at the time progress reports are generated. Comments will not be adjusted between progress reports and report cards.

School Bulletin


Next, the student’s parents might want to view the School Bulletin to keep tabs on the upcoming school activities, notes from the principal, etc. Click on the School Bulletin button. School Buildings are in the process of posting their school bulletins online. Watch for future postings.

Class Registration


The Class Registration section is a part of the student enrollment process and is not being used at this time.

My Calendars

We are currently not using this feature. Parents, please refer to your child’s school website.

Printing A Page


Parents can print any page displayed in PowerSchool by clicking on the print icon.
This icon is found at the bottom right of every page. A new browser window will open.
Choose File > Print.

Logging Out


To close out of PowerSchool and end your session, please click on the logout button in the upper right corner of the PowerSchool window. When returned to the logon screen, you may close the browser program.



While we have not covered every aspect of the LSR7 School District’s PowerSchool program, hopefully, you now know how you can truly stay on top of the daily happenings with your children’s education and how you can become an even more active member of the education process. By providing the critical information to develop a personal education plan for each student, we can truly maximize the potential for our students!