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The interscholastic athletic/activities programs of the Lee’s Summit School District integrate into a comprehensive educational program that has lasting importance on students’ current and future success.  Through character-based programs we prepare students to become adults of integrity and compassion who model excellence in all aspects of their life while meeting the district’s mission of: “We Prepare Each Student for Success in Life.”


The Interscholastic Athletic/Activity programs in LSR7 places its highest priority on the overall quality of the educational experience.  LSR7 will strive to provide and maintain a comprehensive athletic/activity program that seeks the greatest development possible of its participants within the framework of the total district educational program. Participation in activities and athletics is a privilege available to all eligible students.

We believe that LSR7 athletics/activities provide a unifying influence within our student body, between our schools and community.  Through the implementation of education-based athletics and activity programs, led by caring coaches and sponsors, the focus is on human growth and preparing participants for a successful life.  The interscholastic activities program shall be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies and rules and regulations, and with the general objectives of each school.

PRIVIT (high school and middle school students)

The LSR7 School District is using the MSHSAA’s digital standard for the Pre-Participation physical exam process called PRIVIT profile.  The online system links families, schools, and coaches by storing student activity and athletic information. This system, called PRIVIT, will allow parents/guardians to enter student Annual Pre-Participation Health Information, roll the information over from year to year and will simplify the process of completing the student’s annual pre-participation forms. The 2-year Physical Examination Form that the physician fills out will need to be scanned and uploaded into the student’s PRIVIT profile every two years. PRIVIT also allows coaches/sponsors and trainers to access vital student information in a timely manner. Links to PRIVIT are below.  You must use the link for the school you will attend.

Camp Opportunities

The LSR7 high schools offer a variety of camps during the summer for grades K-12th.  All high school students and incoming 9th graders must have a physical on file in PRIVIT to participate.  All incoming 8th graders must reside in the attendance area for any high school camps they attend for eligibility reasons.  During the school year cheer, dance, and baseball will offer camps also.  Please view the below links for these exciting opportunities!


Student Insurance Information

The LSR7 Schools District takes appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all students, unfortunately accidents sometimes occurs. The District does not directly sell or offer accident, health, or dental insurance to students. However, the District has selected HSR, Health Special Risk, Inc. to offer student insurance programs. Various plans and options are offered through the company. The company maintains a separate website to allow for online enrollment. To enroll in the student insurance program, please call 866-409-5733.


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