Lee's Summit R-7 School District

School Social Work Services

The LSR7 Educational Therapist (SCL) is responsible for assisting families and schools for better success.  This can be done by linking students and families with resources, coordinating services in the community, and eliminating possible barriers to the learning process. Strong collaboration with administrators, counselors, school social workers, therapists in the district, and community organizations is critical. Each Educational Therapist will serve a high school feeder system. This organizational alignment assists the Educational Therapist
in working with families with multiple children at different school levels.

If you would like to receive more information about how a Educational Therapist may be able to help you or your family, please feel free to complete our School Social Work Services Form or print off our downloadable form and turn it into your student’s counselor.  Once it is received, a Educational Therapist will contact you.


If you would like to contact a Educational Therapist or know which liaison serves your school see their contact information below:

Tina Rambo-Faulkner

Tina Rambo-Faulkner

Tina Rambo-Faulkner’s Contact Information: 

Office: 3033


  • High School: (Feeder School) Lee’s Summit North
  • Elementaries: Westview, Prairie View
Kiara Palmer

Kiara Palmer

Kiara Palmer’s Contact Information: 

Office: 3198

Cell: 816-365-0953

  • Middle School: (Feeder School) Bernard Campbell
  • Elementaries: Hazel Grove, Mason
Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton Contact Information: michelle.hamilton@lsr7.net

Office: 8778

Work: (816)-609-9342

  • Elementaries: Meadow Lane, Richardson, (Feeder School) Underwood
Jillian Salanski

Jillian Salanski

Jillian Salanski’s Contact Information:

Office: 1188

Work Mobile: 816-365-2821

  • Middle School: (Feeder School) Pleasant Lea
  • Elementaries: Sunset Valley, Pleasant Lea
Christine Mize

Christine Mize

Christine Mize’s Contact Information:

Office: 2169

Cell: 816-509-3709

  • High School: (Feeder School) Lee’s Summit
  • Elementaries: Lee’s Summit, Woodland
Stephanie VanDenBorn

Stephanie VanDenBorn

Stephanie VanDenBorn’s Contact Information:

Office: 2321

Work Mobile: 816-509-5352 (district)

  • Elementaries: (Feeder School) Prairie View
Shelly Keller

Shelly Keller

Shelly Keller’s Contact Information:

Office: 1395

Cell: 816-490-2507

  • Middle School: (Feeder School) Summit Lakes
  • Elementaries: Trailridge, Hawthorn Hill, Longview Farm
Kristin Scharlau

Kristin Scharlau

Kristin Scharlau’s Contact Information:

Office: 4032

Cell: 816-509-8122

  • High School: (Feeder School) Lee’s Summit West
  • Elementaries: Summit Pointe, Cedar Creek, Greenwood
Damian Moses

Damian Moses

Damian Moses’s Contact Information: damian.moses@lsr7.net

Office: 4129

Cell: 816-588-8367

  • High School: (Feeder School) Summit Ridge Academy
  • Alternative Education: Hilltop
Laurie White

Laurie White

Laurie White’s Contact Information:

Office: 1546

Cell: 816-914-0773

  • Alternative Education: (Feeder School) Miller Park
MaryBeth Panek

MaryBeth Panek

MaryBeth Panek’s Contact Information: marybeth.panek@lsr7.net

Office: 2466

Cell: 816-550-2718

  • Alternative Education: (Feeder School) Great Beginnings Early Education Center

Tiffany Nay

Tiffany Nay

Tiffany Nay’s Contact Information: tiffany.nay@lsr7.net

Office: 2483

Cell: 816-215-7313

  • Alternative Education: (Feeder School) Great Beginnings Early Education Center

Sara Whelan

Sara Whelan

Sara Whelan’s Contact Information: sara.whelan@lsr7.net

HPE Office-2259
WLE Office-2369

  • Elementaries: (Feeder School) HPE-Ed Therapist Role-Full, WLE-See IEP counseling students only