Lee's Summit R-7 School District


The mission of the Special Education Department is to identify, educate, and assist students with disabilities to achieve their full potential to become functional members of their community.

A comprehensive range of special education services are offered by the LSR7 School District to assist students to reach their potential within the least restrictive environment. In each program, emphasis is placed on assisting the individual student to gain useful knowledge and experience, grow in self-esteem and understanding, develop social and work-related aptitudes, and learn basic skills for earning a living and for responsible citizenship.


Services are Available for Students With


  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Young Child with a Developmental Delay
  • Visual Impairment/Blindness
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Speech and Language Impairment
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Autism
  • Orthopedic Impairment
  • Deaf/Blindness
  • Other Health Impairments
  • Hearing Impairment and Deafness


Specially Trained Staff Provide


  • Vision and Hearing Screening
  • School Health Services
  • Health Fairs and Health Screening
  • Related Services
  • Assistance with Intervention Strategies
  • Assistance in Making Referrals

A compliance plan, required by state and federal law, is available for public review at the office of the Executive Director of Special Services, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.